DYNASTY MARE – La soeur de la star COMILFOPLUS Z, COMILFOPLUS II Z, COBALOU, UNIQUE, jumping young classes and next superstar

Urona IB Z is 4 Yo.

Urona IB Z is the sister of 

  • Comilfo plus Z
  • Comilfo plus II Z
  • Cobalou
  • C’est ca
  • Unique

BARONESE, the mare of superstars

URONA IB Z is a daughter of BARONNESE (BALOU DU ROUET), a sister of Lausbub III (LAUTERBACH) who jumped 150cm. BARONESSE has a production that is still young but has already distinguished itself on the international scene.

Baronese has everyhthing of a giant Dam. Mother of Comilfoplus the genius, she is also the mare of Cobalou, who jumped clear in 150. 

Younger horses are also coming as the SUPERSTAR  UINQUE, who has been purchased by the beerbaum stable or comilfo plus II Z.

BARONESSE’s products are spring-loaded and demonstrate an amazing jumping quality. The sporting and genetic potential of this young family is phenomenal.

  • COMILFO PLUS Z world champion with Christian AHLMANN en 2017 ;
  • COBALOU jumps 150cm ;
  • C’EST CA under the saddle of de Marco KUTSCHER 145cm.
  • UNIQUE: top price on Horse 24 auction to Beerbaum stables  

Comilfo plus Z the Z revelation

There is one stallion that had everything to become the best horse in the world : it was Comilfo plus Z.  Then he became that worldchampion when he was 7 Yo. (2017)

Unfortunately an injury stopped him in his sport carreer. 

The Zangersheide trusted in him in the sport as in the stallion career, bringing to the mare modernity, energy & top front gesture.

Urona: sport & breeding

Favorite of many breeders, the fantastic COMILFO PLUS Z presents exceptional athletic qualities and brings an undeniable genetic improvement to his offspring. Her sister URONA IB Z has inherited the same skills: lightness, perfect and mental jumping style. Strengths to produce the most modern sport horses.

Urona has an almost perfect model, She is modern , short, strong legs and souple galop. 

The front gesture will be improved but she has the brain and the great back propulsion that make us trust in a very good sport career. 

Why should you choose an Urona embryo? 

  • Modern & Souple
  • Energetic & brave 
  • Forecast the future

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