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Genesis Horse Breeding

Nurturing Excellence for Future Showjumpers

The quest for excellence brings us to the top genetic, but what could be the top genes without the good breeding programm? We all know that a good grass, the freedom of a field, the perfect food and the dedication of the breeder to let the foal growing up is as important in the achievement of the futur success of our foals.

Genesis Horse Breeding wants to help you; clients /breeders with the suggestion of 2 of the bests & non massive places  in France to let your embryo/foals becoming the good showjumpers of tomorrow thanks to :

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The partners are professional and gives you the opportunituy to promote your foal & young horses to 

Paying attention to the small details is a real job, Genesis Horse Breeding brings with this breeders partnership the guarantee of 3 annual  commun check + 1 annual vet check.

Becoming your eyes and giving you the best opportunity to build your next champion, let's integrate our breeding program. Cyril Carisey, founder of Genesis Horse Breeding
Genesis Horse Breeding



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On demand

Price of full package/year of the horse

Stable fees + worming + feet + vaccination + 3 annual Genesis’s Check

*Extra vet cost are not included in the full package 

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